Mayan Hope 
Centro de Educacion Especial

Mayan Hope Special Education School

It is the belief of Mayan Hope that the road to a brighter future begins with education. For the special needs children of Nebaj, Guatemala, this was not a possibility until Mayan Hope opened the first completely free school for special education in Guatemala in 2005. 
According to the National Institute of Statistics in Guatemala there are approximately 400,000 individuals with disabilities living in Guatemala. About 90,000 of these are between the ages of 6-17. The Guatemalan Ministry of Education states that approximately 4,300 students with disabilities are enrolled in school.This means that the Guatemalan school system is not meeting the needs of about 90% of the students with special needs. In addition, virtually no special education programs for middle and high school students exist within the public school system.
Mayan Hope is a non-profit organization that provides an education, absolutely free-of-charge, to children and young adults with a variety of special needs ranging from down's syndrome and other cognitive delays, to deafness and physical handicaps.

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